Third Of Four Phases For Auburn Folsom Road Widening Project Nearing Completion

The third phase of the Auburn Folsom Road Widening Project is nearing completion. The final layer of asphalt that provides noise reduction has been laid and striping of the new four-lane road is scheduled for this week. The project is scheduled for completion this September. Planning for the project began over eight years ago, resulting in four phases to construct the 2.2 miles of four-lane widening from the Sacramento County line to Douglas Boulevard. The first phase, completed in 2006, installed a traffic signal at Fuller Drive and Auburn Folsom Road; the second phase (South Phase), completed in 2009, widened the road from the Sacramento County line to Woodchase Drive; the third phase (Middle Phase) widened the road from Woodchase to Ann Place and the fourth phase (North Phase) will complete the road widening from Ann Place to Douglas. In addition to providing four 12-foot lanes (two in each direction), the project also includes 6-foot paved shoulders to accommodate Class ll bike lanes on each side of the road. A granite monument with an inscription welcoming people to Granite Bay was mounted at the south end of the project as part of the second phase. The purpose of the project is to provide additional roadway capacity to handle the increased motor traffic levels and improve safety for pedestrian and bicycle use while minimizing environmental and social impacts. The estimated completion cost is $21.3 million. The project is funded by Local Development Impact Fees, the South Placer Regional Transportation Authority, and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.