Sending Good Vibes~by Kimberly Hartman

Reno/Sparks, NV…Why let one rotten apple spoil an entire barrel? With all the negative press surrounding the deadly shooting which took place in Sparks, NV during the 18th Annual Reno Street Vibrations festivities last weekend, many bikers are getting a bad rap for the actions of a bad few. It is important to take a moment to appreciate the positive effects of this yearly event, and the ample contributions made to our city by its faithful, two-wheeling attendees.

Over 200 vendors and food booths set up shop in Reno and downtown Sparks last weekend as Street Vibrations rolled into town for its annual celebration of loud motorcycles, hot babes, cold beer, and classic rock. Though some vendors were asked to begin shutting down early, around 4pm Saturday afternoon, as a security precaution, nearly 25,000 guests helped make the weekend a profitable one for visiting merchants and local businesses alike. The crowds were filled with a beautifully diverse group of folks, from old-school bikers donning their veteran patches with honor, to toddlers donning their very first pair of leather boots, and everything in between. Live bands were booked to play on Victorian Avenue and at Harrah’s Reno Plaza throughout the entire celebration weekend, resulting in plenty of uninhibited dancing, impromptu sing-alongs, and some very happy musicians. Motorcycles, maybe more appropriately referred to as “art on two wheels”, lined, so neatly and proudly, the streets all around town that the mere sight of them evoked a feeling of pride, oneness and strength.

Street Vibrations weekend brought with it a financial boost in our economy, some great company, and, most importantly, a reminder that we will never let one rotten apple spoil our barrel. Thanks for the good vibes, Street Vibrations.

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