Placer County Prepares For Future With Facility Planning And Financing

As part of Placer County’s long-term planning, the Department of Facility Services and the County Executive Office work on parallel tracks regarding future county needs for space. Facility Services updates the Comprehensive Facilities Master Plan. The Executive Office updates the Capital Facilities Financing Plan. At its regularly scheduled meeting this week, the Placer County Board of Supervisors heard updates on both plans.

The 1993 Comprehensive Facilities Master Plan proved to be an accurate tool for planning Capital Projects by providing a detailed assessment of all needs in a complex, multi-year process and by giving trend data for square footage needs.

The Master Plan provided a projection of County space needs through the year 2011. The data developed for facilities planning provided a basis for construction of new facilities throughout the County. The Plan only projected needs through 2011, and the Department of Facility Services, with the Board’s direction, is undertaking a Plan update to develop new long-term facility projections. In March, 2011, the Board received a progress update on the Plan and provided direction to staff to continue the master planning process, including the following tasks:

Develop County Space Needs Projections;
Development of Analysis of Scenarios/Alternatives;
Develop Budget Model for Future Capital Projects; and
Assessment of Infrastructure Needs.

After completion in 1993 of the Comprehensive Facilities Master Plan, the Capital Facilities Financing Plan was developed to manage funding of major capital facilities. The CFFP was most recently reviewed by the Board in July, 2006, August, 2007, and April, 2009.

Because capital construction facility financing is dynamic, planning, cost estimation and funding, and project prioritization need to be periodically reviewed by the Board. Factors that can affect construction costs and that can change over time include: environmental issues; market conditions; labor costs; construction material costs; water and air quality compliance costs; and energy efficiencies.

The Capital Facilities Financing Plan provides a framework for the delivery of capital facility projects over the next decade. From 2011 through 2021, the Financing Plan identifies $237 million in projects for the County. The Tier 1, or top priority, projects include:

South Placer Adult Correctional Facility ($105 million);
Tahoe Justice Center ($2.7 million);
Foresthill Library Site Acquisition ($257,000);
West Placer Animal Shelter pre-design ($17 million);
Auburn Animal Shelter pre-design ($5.7 million); and
Tahoe Land Development Office Improvements ($1.7 million);

From 1999 through 2010, the CFFP has funded more than $231 million in projects. They include:

Tahoe Area Regional Transit Facility ($2.7 million);
Finance Administration Building ($13.7 million);
Juvenile Detention Center ($10.2 million);
Main Jail Housing Unit 4 ($9.6 million);
Fulweiler Administration Building ($3.3 million);
Community Development Resources Center ($30.9 million);
Public Works relocation to Cabin Creek ($10.3 million);
Auburn Justice Center ($35.3 million);
Children’s Emergency Center ($11.4 million);
Santucci Justice Center Site/Courthouse ($67.9 million);
South Placer Building B ($21.2 million);
Rocklin and Colfax Library Improvements ($5.8 million); and
Tahoe Office Space acquisition ($4.9 million).