Explosives Detonated in Douglas County

Douglas County, NV…On Friday morning, 07/15/11, at approximately 10:00 am, Explosive Ordnance Technicians of the Tahoe-Douglas Bomb Squad detonated approximately 40 pounds of ANFO charges at a remote location on BLM land in the Pinenut Mountain range of eastern Douglas County.

ANFO is a very powerful explosive used in the mining industry.

The ANFO charges were discovered at a residence in Fish Springs on Wednesday, 07/13/11. The ANFO charges were found by a family member of a recently deceased property owner. The deceased property owner had been employed affiliated with the mining industry, and came into possession of the ANFO through that affiliation.

The ANFO charges were found inside a metal storage box on the property. Several blasting caps were also discovered inside the box.

The blasting caps were collected on Wednesday, 07/13/11, and destroyed at the shooting range near the Douglas County Transfer Station.

Due to the ANFO charges possibly being unstable due to age (manufactured in 1992 based upon markings), Explosive Ordnance Technicians did not want to separate the material into small quantities to move it for destruction.

EFFPD Deputy Fire Chief/Fire Marshall Steve Eisele, working in conjunction with the EOD Technicians, subsequently drafted an action plan to move the ANFO in it’s entirety from the residence to a remote location to detonate/destroy it. That plan was executed on Friday morning.

Tod Carlini, East Fork Fire Chief and Director of Douglas County Emergency Management, coordinated the efforts of his staffs to accomplish the safe collection, transportation and detonation of this explosive material with no injuries sustained.

Chief Carlini would like to thank the following agencies for their assistance with this event: East Fork Fire and Paramedic District, Douglas County Emergency Management, Tahoe Douglas Bomb Squad, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Douglas County Road Department, Douglas County Emergency Communications Center and the Nevada State Fire Marshall’s Office.