Romo Choice To Top Defending Champ in Head to Head Match Up

July 8, 2011 South Shore, Lake Tahoe, NV — With Tony Romo as the co-favorite for this year’s American Century Championship, interest in tournament odds provided by the Harrah’s and Harveys Lake Tahoe Sports Book has spiked.  Romo is also the outright favorite in a matchup with defending champion Billy Joe Tolliver, who has won the tournament three times.
In one of 11 wagers available in the sports books, Romo is listed at -1.30 with Tolliver at even money in the matchup.  That means that a bettor selecting Romo to beat Tolliver must risk $1.30 to win $1.  In the even money bet on Tolliver, $1 wins another $1.
Media coverage in hundreds of newspapers and websites reported in June that Romo has been elevated to co-favorite at 5-2 by the Harrah’s and Harveys Lake Tahoe Sports Book alongside eight-time winner Rick Rhoden.
Other big name sports stars are climbing both the leaderboard and the odds chart.  Romo, former Atlanta Braves pitcher John Smoltz and two-time Super Bowl MVP John Elway, all finished in a tie for second last year behind Tolliver.
The 2011 odds reflect those results with Romo as the co-favorite, Smoltz at 5-1 and Elway at 12-1.  Other notables include Jerry Rice at 15-1, Michael Jordan at 40-1 and Charles Barkley at 500-1.
The list of themed match ups includes a confrontation between former star NFL wide receivers, former Dallas Stars teammates, and even a comedic actor head-to-head between The Office’s Brian Baumgartner and Saturday Night Live alum Kevin Nealon of Weeds.
Available matchups are:
Tony Romo           -1.30
Billy Joe Tolliver   EVEN     Tolliver, the former NFL QB for seven teams, has won the tournament three times, yet it is Romo as the co-favorite.
Michael Jordan    -1.20
Ray Allen              -1.10         This is a matchup of NBA greats. Jordan is considered by many to be the NBA’s best ever while Ray Allen is a probable Hall of Famer and the top three point shooter in the history of the league.
Rick Rhoden        -1.40
John Smoltz        +1.10          A couple of ol’ right handers square off, Rhoden is a two time all star selection, while Smoltz, newly retired, was one of the most dominant pitchers of his time, accumulating 213 wins and 154 saves.
Trent Dilfer          -1.15
Mark Rypien       -1.15          In this showdown, two former Super Bowl champions collide to see who can deliver in this individual sport.
Brett Hull             -1.10
Mike Modano      -1.20           Former Dallas Stars teammates on the 1999 Stanley Cup Championship team collide in this head to head.
Aaron Rodgers    -1.20
Carson Palmer     -1.10         Two current top-flight NFL QBs: Rodgers, the reigning Super bowl MVP and Carson Palmer, the Cincinnati Bengals signal caller and one of six Heisman Trophy winners in the field (Testaverde, Spurrier, Elway, Tebow and Marcus Allen).
Jerry Rice            -1.15
Sterling Sharpe  -1.15           Two of the best wide receivers in NFL history square off.  They are two of only seven receivers in league history to win the “Triple Crown,” leading the NFL in receiving yards, receiving touchdowns and receptions in the same year.
Grant Fuhr           -1.15
Jeremy Roenick   -1.15         Grant Fuhr was proclaimed by Wayne Gretsky to be one of the “greatest goalies in NHL history” and Jeremy Roenick is a former NHL All Star.  Both are also contenders for the championship.
John Elway         -1.15
Chris Chandler   -1.15          Elway, a two-time Super Bowl winning QB and last year’s runner up in the tournament, faces Chris Chandler, a former NFL QB and the 2007 ACC winner.
Digger Phelps         -1.15
Herman Edwards   -1.15      ESPN analysts love bragging rights, and this matchup will be no different as Herman Edwards and Digger Phelps go head to head for ESPN office supremacy.
Brian Baumgartner -1.30
Kevin Nealon          EVEN     Nealon and Baumgartner are not contenders, but they will play for comic actor bragging rights in this battle of The Office vs. Weeds