Lake Tahoe Boulevard Enhancement Project

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The Lake Tahoe Boulevard Enhancement Project (Project) is intended to provide a critical link in the Regional bicycle path network and to stabilize soil, restore stream environment zones (SEZ) and improve storm water quality within the Project area. The Project supports the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency’s (TRPA) and the Tahoe Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (TMPO) “Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan” by installing a Class I and/or Class II bicycle facility along Lake Tahoe Boulevard (LTB) between Clear View Drive (CVD) and Viking Way (VW). The purpose of TRPA’s Bicycle Transportation Plan is to provide access to local businesses, schools, and offices for bicyclists and pedestrians, to reduce vehicular transportation, and to enhance recreational opportunities within the Lake Tahoe Basin (Basin). The Project also supports TRPA’s Environmental Improvement Program (EIP) and the California Tahoe Conservancy’s (CTC) March 1987 Report on Soil Erosion Control Needs and Projects in the Basin by installing low impact Best Management Practices (BMPs).

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A Public Meeting was held on April 29, 2011 to discuss the Project Alternatives Evaluation Report (PAER) . The purpose of the meeting was to present the information and obtain feedback from the public on the Proposed Alternatives for the Project. The public provided constructive feedback and comments during and after the meeting. The majority of the respondents were in favor of Alternative 3. However after further evaluation of Alternative 3, the County believes there are additional opportunities to develop Alternative 3 with the focus of providing safety for the travelling public. Therefore, Alternatives 3A and 3B have been developed.


Prior to the development of the PAER, a Feasibility Report was completed in December 2008.  This report analyzed the existing conditions within the Project area that were relevant to the design of storm water quality, restoring/enhancing Stream Environment Zones (SEZ), and evaluated the feasibility of providing a bike facility.

The Draft PAER further developed the Project by defining and evaluating the Project alternatives.  The intent of the Draft PAER is to focus on the preliminary design to best achieve Project goals and objectives while taking into account the opportunities and constraints.

What’s Next

Project Schedule
Project’s Future & Schedule Anticipated Completion Date
Finalize the Project Alternatives Evaluation Report based on Project Development Team and public input Summer 2011
Develop and select the Preferred Project Alternative Summer 2011
Analyze Preferred Project Alternative for Environmental Impacts under the TRPA Regional Plan, California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Fall 2012
Design Project for Construction Spring 2013
Construct Project(s) Fall 2013/2014

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