Assemblywoman Gaines Votes No on Democrat Budget

SACRAMENTO –Assemblywoman Beth Gaines, R-Roseville, today voted against the 2011-2012 Democrat Budget, calling it an irresponsible plan that doesn’t include the necessary reforms to ensure the state doesn’t face the same fiscal problems down the road.

“While I’m pleased to see the Governor and majority party have finally listened to Californians and presented a plan that won’t increase taxes by $58 million on hardworking families, the simple truth is this budget still contains illegal tax increases, reckless spending and does nothing to protect education or ensure we won’t face the same problems down the road,” Gaines said. “Our budget desperately needs real economic reforms that will promote job creation, cap government spending and give families struggling to make ends meet the relief they have been seeking.”

Gaines joined with her Republican colleagues in May to introduce a Budget Roadmap that would help get California on the path to economic recovery while protecting K-12 education funding and vital services like public safety – without increasing taxes. The Democrat plan, however, imposes a $12 dollar increase in vehicle registration fees on every California motorist, even though Proposition 26 passed by the voters last fall requires a 2/3 vote to increase fees. It also includes a costly new property structure fee (SRA tax) on home and property owners in high-risk fire areas.

“It’s time to stop playing political games and end business as usual in Sacramento,” Gaines said. “We should be doing what hardworking families and small businesses are forced to every day – make adjustments to our budgets and stop spending money on programs we simply cannot sustain.”

Earlier this month, Gaines broke with her party by calling for the elimination of California’s Redevelopment Agencies, or RDA’s, to save the state billions. The agencies, which were first created by the Legislature to clean up urban blight, have today grown into large state-subsidized programs used to seize private property through eminent domain, incur enormous amounts of debt and supplement other general fund expenditures – with little accountability to taxpayers. The elimination of Redevelopment Agencies will make state dollars available to assist in the areas it’s most needed like education and police and fire protection.

“Hardworking taxpayers expect their elected officials to pass an on-time, responsible, balanced budget,” Gaines said. “Only by enacting serious, long-term budget reforms and spurring job creation will we be able to get our fiscal house in order and stimulate a strong economic recovery.”

Beth Gaines, R-Roseville, represents the 4th Assembly District, which includes portions of Placer, El Dorado, Sacramento and Alpine counties.