We need your thoughts on the State’s $24 million impact on Washoe County!

Washoe County has passed it’s budget for next year which is about 21% less than just five years ago. Since 2007, the county has reduced spending by $154 million and has eliminated 769 jobs in response to the recession. Reductions have come from department budget cuts, use of one-time reserves, and employee wage and benefit concessions. County budgets are now at 2005 levels, with staffing at 2004 or earlier levels.

However, it could get worse. The Governor’s proposed budget retains 9 cents of local property tax from county taxpayers that was redirected by the 2009 Legislature to help the state address their budget deficit and scheduled to expire on June 30, 2011. The Governor’s budget also proposes to push down some state services to the county without funding sources. If the 2011 Legislature approves these proposals, Washoe County would have to absorb an additional $24 million deficit for each of the next two years.

We need your input! Tell us your thoughts on this issue