Rubicon Trail Current Conditions Update…. WARNING: Saturated soil conditions exist on the Rubicon Trail – USE NOT RECOMMENDED

Updated May 21st, the trail conditions are:

Loon trailhead: Six inches of very slushy top on a 1 to 5 foot hard pack base, lots of holes underneath, the sidehill at the second dam has been cut out and is driveable with a well set up rig, may need some shoveling to put it in shape as the melt continues. From Ellis Creek on are deep drifts (up to 10′) with sidehill travel and lots of melt holes (dive in and winch out). Wet muddy holes are starting to show up at gatekeeper, so now is a good time to stay off the trail past the kiosk.

Wentworth Springs trailhead: Almost clear up to Airport…another few days and it will be all blacktop! Past that, six inches of slush on top of a packed 1 to 5 foot base, lots of steep drifts pushing vehicles into the trees on the low side of the drift from just past Airport to the cattle guard. Lots of water moving past the cattle guard, not recommended using the trail past there until the melt is complete. Not recommended between Airport and the cattle guard unless you have lots of experience in deep spring drifts, a built rig, and plenty of time on your hands for winching.

Tahoe trailhead: Six inches of slush on a 1 to 10 foot base, steep sloppy drifts interspersed with water which gradually give way to sidehill and steep drift conditions as you transition over Miller. Not recommended at this time.