National Prescription Take Back Day

April 30, 2011 was the date of another successful National Prescription Drug Take Day sponsored by the Drug Enforcement Agency. The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office partnered with El Dorado Hills Vision Coalition and Drug Free Divide to offer three locations where residents could bring old and unwanted prescriptions for destruction. The disposal sites were open 4 hours, and during that time 253.8 pounds of prescriptions drugs were taken in. The disposed drugs were taken to the DEA for destruction.

Sheriff D’Agostini said “Getting drugs off the street, whether they’re prescription or not, is a good thing, too often unwanted prescription drugs get into the hands of those who they were not intended, sometimes resulting in a disastrous outcome”. The El Dorado County Sheriff Office looks forward to future collaborations with community organizations to build a safer and stronger El Dorado County.
County of El Dorado