Did Tahoe Get Snubbed By Amgen Tour?

Lake Tahoe, CA/NV….Could more have been done to get Amgen Tour of California Stages One and Two in the books. In our humble opinion…yes. There was a weather window yesterday if the delayed start would have started around 11-11:30am instead of 1:15pm. They would have been able to get at least the shortened stage in.

This would have allowed an area that has rolled out the red carpet and invested heavily in promotion and advertising to have had a small return on their support of the event.

Sun is also out this morning so many locals will no doubt think that some window would have been reasonable to get today’s stage in. For an area that is looking to make an Winter Olympic bid just to get photos and video in the vault with the peleton flying by the Olympic Flame would have had some very nice promotional and psychological value.

The take away would have been that if you give our area an event we will make it work weather or no weather. Instead there is very little positive to take away. The Amgen Tour and other events like this are great to bring to our area. Let’s hope this weekend doesn’t dampen future efforts.

Bringing the Amgen Tour of California Start here was a great bet and a wonderful shoulder season event. We only hope that there is not a backlash against bringing similar events to the area.

One Response to "Did Tahoe Get Snubbed By Amgen Tour?"

  1. Poor Richard   May 16, 2011, 9:10 am at 9:10 am

    With the amount of time and money invested by the Tahoe Region they should have at least gotten one stage in. They could have gone north on the Nevada side of the lake yesterday and easily ended in Kings Beach or Tahoe City to get something in if 207 was considered the problem