Board Of Supervisors Receives Update On Placer County Fairgrounds

The Placer County Board of Supervisors received an update at its Tuesday meeting on negotiations with the Placer County Fair Association, which manages the County fairgrounds in Roseville. There has been significant progress made in crafting a new agreement between the County and the Association. The negotiations for the agreement are nearing completion with additional discussion continuing over the fairgrounds racetrack.

The Board heard from County staff, the Fair Association, race promoters and fans, the city of Roseville, fair livestock participants, and residents from the community. The issue of noise from the track was also discussed by the Supervisors, who received public comment on the issue, both from race fans and race opponents.

“Clearly the fair is an amenity of significant regional benefit,” said Board Chairman Robert Weygandt, who showed livestock in 4H as a youth at the fair. “It would be catastrophic if for some reason we lost it.”

The Fairgrounds complex, which covers 61 acres, has operated since the 1930s, including the racetrack, which was originally dirt. The track was paved in the mid-1970s, a change which generated noise issues that the community was able to resolve with the Fair Association, the City, and the County.

The track again underwent renovations that were completed in 2007. Since then there have been noise complaints and the negotiation between the County and the Fair Association have included provisions addressing those issues. Any new agreement will reflect all aspects of fairgrounds management, including the speedway. The discussions regarding the speedway will address additional conditions and controls for the facility.

“This [the noise issue] is, to my recollection, nothing new,” said Supervisor Kirk Uhler, who served the Board in the mid-1990s. “It may have been elevated recently, but it’s something we’ve been struggling with for some time.”

Supervisor Jack Duran, whose First District includes the City of Roseville and the Fairgrounds, is planning community meetings on the fairgrounds and racetrack issues.

“I’m really glad to hear that we’ve got the Fair Association, we’ve got one of the largest sponsors involved, we’re talking with the community and we’ve got the city involved,” said Duran. “With all these folks at the table, I think we can continue to move forward and come to a resolution within a reasonable amount of time.”

Because of the recent increase in complaints about noise, the Association is contracting for a noise study that will collect data during the current racing season. That data will be used to assess noise issues and potential remedies and possibly lead to added conditions and restrictions in the final agreement.