TAHOE DONNER ASSOCIATION 2011 Board of Director Elections Application Deadline May 2


2011 Board of Director Elections

Application Deadline May 2

What are the responsibilities of the board?

The board of directors is the governing body of the association and makes decisions about the operation and future directions of the association. The five members of the board are each elected for a three-year term. Two positions are up for election in 2011. Board members are entrusted with the obligation to act in good faith and in the best interests of the members of the association.

What are the qualifications for serving on the Board of Directors?

Candidates must be 1) an owner of at least a twenty-five percent interest in a Tahoe Donner residential property and 2) in good standing with the association (all assessments paid and not subject to any suspension of membership privileges).

What is involved in running for the board?

Candidates must submit an application by 4 p.m. on May 2, 2011. Applications are available in the Member Services Office, Northwoods Clubhouse, or can be mailed upon request (call (530) 587-9431). After verification that the candidate meets qualifications, the candidate submits a Candidate’s Statement, due Monday, May 9, 2011, which will be reproduced and included in the board election packet that is sent to all property owners in late May. Finally, candidates may participate in Candidate’s Night in early June to present their ideas about serving on the board and to answer questions from property owners.

How much time is required?

Serving on the board requires time and, while there is no monetary compensation, board members are rewarded with the satisfaction that comes with meeting challenges, guiding policy and operations and, in general, contributing to a well-run association. The amount of time a director spends varies and depends to a degree on the individual. Monthly board meetings are normally held on the third Saturday and last most of the day. A briefing packet is prepared for each meeting and time is required to review and research information, including meeting with staff to clarify issues if needed, in order to be well prepared for board meetings. Board members also commit time to committee meetings and related activities, depending on the member’s specific interests.

If you are interested in running for the board of directors and would like more information, contact Nan Carnal, Elections Committee Chair; current board members would also welcome your questions. Click here for contacts.

electionscommittee@TahoeDonner.com (530) 550-5228