South Lake Tahoe Will Not Oppose TRPA Breakup ~By John Hamilton

South Lake Tahoe, CA…The South Lake Tahoe City Council Voted Yesterday to not oppose the bill that is moving through the Nevada Legislature that would withdraw the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe from the TRPA. A formal letter is being crafted and will be on an upcoming City Council agenda.

The move may be a significant blow to the TRPA as this vote will give the members of the Nevada Legislature additional political cover to move forward. The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency is a joint multi county and multi state planning agency the leads planning oversite in the Lake Tahoe Basin.

Below is the video from yesterday’s meeting. I just spoke with the City Clerks office and they are having a little trouble with the video below and they are working on it. We are going ahead with the embedding so as they get it repaired the video should start playing.

Reviewing the video on discussion before votes such as this can help those affected by this vote to get a better sense of the positions of each Council Member.

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