Sandoval Announces Nearly $50 Million in “Add-Backs” to State Budget

CARSON CITY, NV – Governor Brian Sandoval’s administration today announced the introduction of amendments which reflect nearly $50 million in “add-backs” of priority spending to the Governor’s proposed executive budget. “Add-backs” restore some of the cuts previously contained in the Executive Budget. 

Funding for today’s amendments comes from increased federal funds, reductions in projected caseloads and technical adjustments.

“As I’ve said all along, the budget is a process,” Governor Sandoval said. “From the beginning, we’ve had a list of priorities for restored funding. Today is the product of some of that effort, as we restore funds to health and human services and other programs. I commend Director Willden and his staff for their diligent work on this.”

Among the programs benefitting are:

– Autism treatment programs

– Principal Leadership Institute

– Community Health Nursing

– Funding for the Northern and Southern Triage Centers

– Non-custodial room and board program

– Elder Protective Services

– Kinship Care Rate

– Mental Health Residential Supports

– Emergency Medical Services

– TANF Loan Program

A full breakdown is attached. Many programs will result in less costs being allocated to counties as previously planned.