COMMITTEE REJECTS GAINES’ REGULATORY REFORM BILL…..Senate Bill 591 would have significantly reduced bureaucratic red tape

SACRAMENTO – Senator Ted Gaines, R-Roseville, expressed his disappointment over the action taken today in the Senate Government Organization Committee, where his pro-job regulation-reduction legislation was narrowly defeated by a 6-5 vote.

Senate Bill 591 by Gaines would have greatly reduced the number of regulations small businesses face every day in our state.

“We need businesses expanding, investing and creating jobs in California but they are being suffocated by excessive regulation,” Gaines said. “My bill would have cleared out the red tape that discourages business and keeps entrepreneurs on the sidelines.”

Modeled after a successful effort in the Canadian province of British Columbia, Senate Bill 591 would have permanently reduced the number of state regulations by 33 percent, focusing the cuts on regulations that hurt our business environment. It would have also created a 10-year, zero net gain period, during which the state could not increase the total number of regulations. Any new regulations imposed by state agencies must be accompanied by the repeal of another regulation.

British Columbia implemented a similar plan starting in 2001 and has now eliminated more than 40 percent of its regulatory body while continuing to protect the environment, public health and public safety.

Gaines, while disappointed, did not let today’s vote dampen his determination for repairing California’s economy and business climate.

“California consistently ranks as one of the worst states to do business and that must change,” Gaines said. “Regulatory reform is a key part of California’s economic recovery and one of my top priorities. I will keep fighting for a simpler, common-sense regulatory system that makes California the number-one destination for businesses of every kind.”