California Group Joins Reno-Tahoe Group to Pursue Winter Olympics

Sacramento, CA…The newly formed California Winter Games Committee hopes that by joining forces with the Reno Tahoe Winter Games Coalition they can improve the odds of securing the 2022 Winter Olympics for the Lake Tahoe Region. With a push from both the Reno and Sacramento markets it seems like a move that could really have merit.

If the political and business power of Northern Nevada and Northern California are focused on a bid it might be enough to push it over the top. It is of course waay to early in the process for anything other than speculation but this looks like the best momentum to make a serious run for the games since the 1960 Olympics were held at Squaw Valley.

The benefits of a two pronged approach are obvious and many. They can tout the Sacramento Airport and California based venues on the western slope to augment the Reno/Tahoe airport and transportation options on the eastern side. With all of the factors being considered before a bid could be awarded or even made having more resources to pull from as options is a real boon.

Now let’s see where are they going to build the bobsled run….

We will be following this story as it develops. As of today’s announcement in Sacramento the new group had yet to get even a website up and running but as soon as more concrete details come together we will pas them along.