Sheriff issues Commendation for Prevention of Suicide

On April 14th, Sheriff Haley presented a Commendation to Deputies Kerry Saulnier and Clint Swaim for preventing a suicide attempt on October 14, 2010.

Deputies Kerry Saulnier and Clint Swaim, were hailed by a local citizen concerned about a young woman who was sitting on the ledge of a river railing. Saulnier and Swaim immediately located the young woman, who was attempting to jump into the river, distraught over a failed relationship with her boyfriend. After repeated attempts to get her off the railing, they succeeded in getting her to move away from the ledge to safety. They eventually took her into custody for her own welfare.

Sheriff Haley presented Deputies Saulnier and Swaim with a letter of commendation for their compassion and professionalism; taking extraordinary measures to protect the young woman, who was seconds away from committing suicide or causing herself great bodily injury.


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