Traffic Update…3 Incidents At This Time. Sig-Alert on I-80

Truckee, CA…There are three incidents on the local roadways at this time this morning. On US-50 a Sig-Alert for an overturned vehicle near Bridalveil Falls has just been canceled. There is still equipment on scene so please use caution in that area.

On I-80 traffic is being held at Drum Forebay do to several vehicles involved in an accident near Whitmore. Early reports had the possibility of one person being hit while outside of their vehicle and an ambulance is on the way to this area as well. CHP is reporting that several vehicles are off the roadway. Lets hope this one ends up being not as severe as it is originally coming through.

There is also a disabled vehicle on I-80 near Kearsage. Mill.

Be careful out there…