Sheriff’s Office Announces the Safety Pup Program for Children

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office in conjunction with the National Child Safety Council is proud to announce the availability of the Safety Pup program to our county’s children.

Safety Pup’s goal is to remind children of the following safety rules:
Home Safety
Internet Safety
Personal Safety
School Safety
Animal Safety
Bicycle Safety
Say no to Gangs
Firearms Safety
Say no to Bullying
Playground Safety

Safety Pup will have on hand literature for the children (coloring books, crayons, sticky badges, pencils, silica gel wrist bands, etc), and a number of items from Sheriff’s Office Divisions (SWAT/ K-9) for the children to become familiar with.

The Sheriff’s Team of Active Retiree’s (STARS) will be available with Safety Pup to fingerprint your children at no cost to you. We encourage all parents to have your child’s fingerprints taken for documentation purposes. The fingerprint cards will be returned to the parent’s for safekeeping.

Along with the fingerprint card, please keep an updated photo (every six months) and any dental information in a safe location.

If you are interested in Safety Pup making an appearance at a school function, setting up fingerprinting or bringing your children on a tour of the Sheriff’s Office, please contact: Community Service Officer Stacie Walls 530-621-6640.