Health District Issues Warning: Fake Restaurant Inspectors

Washoe County Health District authorities are warning that someone has been calling restaurants to set up inspections. Over the past several months, owners and managers of smaller, independent restaurants have been getting calls from an individual using various names, saying that he is from the Health District wanting to set up a time to come do inspections. At this time, no one has actually shown up at any of the contacted businesses. The Health District is attempting to locate this individual based on the phone numbers he has provided.

Bob Sack, Division Director for Environmental Health Services, reminds all restaurant owners that it is not standard procedure for employees of the Health District to call ahead of any annual inspection, they never ask for cash, checks or credit cards and that all Health District employees carry photo identification and business cards. “We’re keeping an eye on this, especially after what happened to business owners who were robbed by a fake city inspector last year,” states Sack. “We have no idea why this individual is making these calls, whether it’s just a means of harassment, or if he is planning something more criminal.”

If your restaurant receives a call, please ask for a name and a phone number, and then contact our office. The Health District is currently investigating whether this type of activity falls under an attempt to usurp the authority of the Health Officer. “Our staff is spending a great deal of time that they don’t have assuring restaurant owners they are the real deal when we are trying to conduct legitimate business,” states Sack. If you have any other questions, please contact the Health District at 775-328-2434.