Sacramento – Caltrans announced today that it has awarded $78 million to
130 public transit and air quality projects across California. All of the
funding comes from Proposition 1B, a 2006 voter-approved transportation
bond, which includes $3.6 billion to improve public transit in California.

“These projects will reduce traffic congestion and transportation-related
pollution, improving our air quality, and bringing us another step closer
to reaching our emissions-reduction goals,” said Caltrans Director Cindy

Some of the more noteworthy projects awarded Proposition 1B funding

Bay Area

· $9.1 million to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.
Most of the funding will be used to modernize 143 light rail vehicles
currently in service, enabling the vehicles to remain in service an
additional 25 years.

· $20 million to the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority to
rehabilitate several transit systems, including replacing 80 diesel-powered
buses with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles, which emit far less
pollution than diesel or gas-powered buses, and purchase 90 hybrid
paratransit vehicles to increase service and ensure compliance with
California Air Resources Board standards.

Central Valley

· $1.8 million to Fresno to repair 20 CNG buses.

· $700,343 to Kern County to purchase six new buses, replacing older
buses that have been in use years beyond their usual length of service. The
new buses will cost much less to maintain and will not stall or breakdown
as frequently.

· $263,392 to Tulare County to purchase two CNG powered buses. These
buses will replace two existing gas-powered buses, reducing particulate
matter emissions by 75 percent.

Greater Los Angeles

· $1.32 million to Culver City to buy 20 CNG buses and perform
construction work on the Intermodal Aerial Station, which will be the
terminus of phase one of the Exposition Light Rail Line Extension.

· $1.8 million to Torrance to purchase 12 hybrid gas-electric buses to
replace diesel-powered buses currently in service.

· $1.5 million to Santa Monica for the Big Blue Bus service to purchase
20 natural gas-powered buses, replacing existing diesel-powered buses.

· $8.23 million to the Ventura County Transportation Commission to
acquire five CNG buses and three Dial-A-Ride buses, modernize and expand a
CNG fueling facility, and make various other transit improvements.


· $800,000 to the Sacramento Area Council of Governments for the
Automated Farebox Upgrade Implementation, which will improve transit bus
reliability and service throughout the city of Elk Grove.

Northern California

· $380,596 to the Redding Area Bus Authority for the Downtown Transit
Center Expansion, which will provide additional routes and intercity
service. The funding will also pay to increase park and ride capacity.

San Diego

· $3.2 million to the San Diego Association of Governments to purchase
57 new replacement vehicles for the Blue Line Light Rail, increasing
capacity and improving transit throughout San Diego.

For a comprehensive list of all projects that received funding, please