UNR Study States Washoe County Has $465 Million Annual Economic Impact and Creates Nearly 7,500 Total Jobs in Local Economy

Washoe County Commissioners heard today that Washoe County government has a total economic impact of $465 million and creates nearly 7,500 direct and indirect jobs in our community. The report documents that for every $1 that Washoe County spends, $1.62 is invested in the community.

Dr. Kambiz Raffiee, Associate Dean of the University of Nevada, Reno’s Business College, conducted the study using county data from the 2009-10 fiscal year, which included expenditures for wages, services, supplies and capital improvement projects during that time. The study also included the $3.9 million total economic impact of the 2010 National Association of Counties conference hosted by Washoe County last summer that was previously determined by another UNR economic analysis.

Other highlights from the study include: • All data is from Washoe County’s 2009-10 fiscal year. • Washoe County’s operations have an annual economic impact of $465 million. • Daily economic impact is $1.3 million. • 73% of all purchases made in 2009-10 were to Nevada vendors. • Total impact of jobs generated and supported were 7,453 in all industries. The county is the third largest employer in Washoe County. • 2,593 people were employed by Washoe County in 2009-10, and 29% of those employees worked in the downtown Reno area. • The annual economic impact of those Washoe County employees in the downtown Reno area is $43 million, accounting for 1,172 direct and indirect jobs.

Get more information Here:http://www.washoecounty.us/large_files/agendas/022211jm/13.pdf