Tahoe Donner to Host Glow Stick Parade and Carnival!

TRUCKEE, CA – Everyone loves a parade, especially kids. The Tahoe Donner Ski Area is hosting a unique parade this weekend that is designed exclusively for children ages 10 and under. Skiers and riders will make their way down the slopes carrying glow sticks, making for an interesting flow of colors down the hill.

From 4:30-5:45pm on Saturday, February 19, kids can register and enjoy a carnival with music, appetizers, balloon animals and games. Among the prizes will be glow stick necklaces, bracelets, rings and sticks that can be worn in the parade. At 5:50 pm, parade participants will hop on the Snowbird chair lift for the parade that starts at 6. Of course, the parade is limited to skiers and riders who can ski unassisted in the dark.

“Lots of ski areas have torch light parades, but this is our kid-friendly spin on that tradition,” says Robert McClendon, manager of the ski area. “This is one of our most popular events for young people at Tahoe Donner throughout the winter, and we have more coming up this spring.”

For more information about the glow stick parade or other events at Tahoe Donner, call 530-587-9444 or send a message to ski@tahoedonner.com. Follow Tahoe Donner on Twitter and join the Facebook group to get instant updates and access exclusive offers and discounts. See you on the slopes!