Tahoe Donner Draft 2030 General Plan

Tahoe Donner has been carefully crafting a draft 2030 General Plan that is designed to address current and future facility needs. Homeowner input has been solicited via survey, a series of town hall meetings and a special meeting with the General Plan Committee and the Board of Directors. If you haven’t commented on the plan but would like to, there are still several opportunities to do so:

– General Plan Committee meeting – March 7

– Board of Directors meeting – February 18 or March 19

– View the draft plan and email your comments or questions to 2030generalplan@tahoedonner.com

– Each listed project will be subject to board review and approval in coming years, with many opportunities for members to offer input. Scope, budget, design and expected revenue and expense impacts will be considered in detail. Stay tuned to the Tahoe Donner News and our weekly email newsletter for updates on each project and how you can share your thoughts about them.

Questions? Make sure you review the Frequently Asked Questions document, available via the link above.