Stand-off in El Dorado Hills

Deputies responded to the 7100 block of Hearst Dr. in El Dorado Hills for a report of a suicidal subject. Upon arrival, deputies contacted Serrano security who had been standing by with two individuals from inside the residence. According to information gained from individuals, a 25 year old male was alone inside the Hearst Dr. residence and possibly suicidal.

Deputies made attempts to establish communication with the subject on multiple occasions but were unsuccessful. The subject, who had armed himself with kitchen type knives exited and re-entered the residence on several occasions. At one point, deputies deployed a less lethal measure but it was not successful in subduing the subject.

Based on the circumstances of the unfolding event, the SWAT team and crisis negotiators were requested and arrived on scene. Crisis negotiators established telephone contact with the subject and after a short time were able to convince the subject to exit the residence and surrender to authorities.

The subject was transported to Marshall Hospital for medical treatment.

During the near two hour stand-off, neighboring residents were requested to shelter in place.
County of El Dorado