Sierra Fire Protection District Chief’s Contract Renewed; Audit to be Completed and Reviewed By Commissioners at Future Meeting

Reno, Nevada. February 8, 2011. Meeting as the Sierra Fire Protection District (SFPD) Fire Commissioners, County Commissioners today renewed SFPD’s Chief Michael Greene’s contract for another year. In doing so, Commissioners presented Chief Greene with suggested goals for the coming year, and set March 22nd as the meeting date when the Board and Chief Greene would finalize those goals together.

The Commissioners also received a status update of the District’s ongoing audit that they requested at their December 14, 2010 meeting. The County’s Internal Auditor reported to the Commission that the audit is still in the data collection phase and identified areas that will be addressed in the final audit. Those areas of review include: financial, human resources, required physical exams, pharmaceutical inventory, procurement cards, volunteer program, policies and procedures, fuels management program and grant processes. The audit is expected to be completed in the next couple months. Chief Greene had indicated his support of the audit when the Commissioners made their request, and the District has been cooperative in the process.