Siblings Need a Forever Family—Are You the One?

Reno, NV…..Siblings Paul, Patiance and Samantha are looking for a forever family where they can give as much love as they get—are you who they’re looking for? These three young children (Paul is 3, Patiance is 5 and Samantha is 4) have been awarded to Washoe County and have been declared 100% free for adoption by the courts. They have had some tough times during their short lives, but have been thriving in a foster home environment for the past year. They are ready to begin their new lives together with a forever family of their own. Because of their strong bond with one another which has helped them through the various transitions they’ve had to make in the last two years, it is imperative that they remain together. Do you have a big enough heart for the three of them?

Learn more about Paul, Patiance and Samantha by watching a short video of them. Just go to and under “What’s on WCTV” there’s a link to their video. If you’d like to find out more information about these siblings, please call Washoe County’s Adoption Recruitment program at 337-4510 or email them at