Diamond Peak Hosted J4/5 Open Series on Sunday!

J45 Open Series- Diamond Peak, NV…..The snow fell and day 1 was a dig out day for the race organizer while the athletes enjoyed another wonderful powder day. And thank you to Diamond Peak for their strong prep of the courses as this one day race came off beautifully.

The J4’s boys were led by the home hill gentlemen with Nelson Bedient at the top of the podium followed by teammate Winston Pretti and Squaw Valley’s Dominic Salvo in 3rd. And the speed of the J4 ladies shown through! Squaw’s Annika Hansen posting the fastest times on the Flume run, boys or girls, and standing top of the podium! 2nd place honors went to Diamond Peak’s Amanda Pretti, and Sugar Bowl’s Nye Day rounding out the podium in 3rd.

While there was a hike or ski to see the J4 action, you could sit on the deck to take in the J5 action! The crowd went wild as Northstar’s Sean Kelly jumped to the top of the leader board producing two solid runs. It was Sugar Bowl’s Cameron Smith in 2nd and Heavenly’s Payton Norton in 3rd only .36 seperating the 2nd and 3rd positions. On the ladies J4 side It was Squaw’s AJ Hurt battling it out with Diamond Peak’s Belle Johnson. Bell posting the fastest time in the 1st run, and AJ fastest time in the 2nd run (yes, even faster then the boys) and the winner is……AJ Hurt at the top of the podium with Bell Johnson in 2nd, while Squaw’s Ava Seelenfreund rounded out the podium in 3rd!