BREAKING NEWS…..Shooting Occurs at Schnell School Today…Update the Principal Has Passed Away

ElDorado County, CA…Update 6:40pm: According to Sheriffs Office, Mr. LaCara has so sadly passed away……An Update on the Schnell School Shooting that occurred today from the ElDorado County Sheriff’s Office…All children are safe, none were injured during the incident.

Updated 12:50 PM – Students at the Schnell School and Bliss Center campus’ are being evacuated at 1:30 PM by classroom under the coordination of Law Enforcement. Parents can pick up their students at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds, not at the Mountain Democrat parking lot.

Students at Markham & Sierra will be released at their normal times.

A Schnell School principal was shot and critically injured today at a Placerville Elementary school this morning. The school janitor is the suspect.

The suspect, John Luebbers, shot Principal Sam LaCara this morning and has been taken into custody. The suspect surrendered himself outside his home near noon today.