Washoe County Commission Sets Process For Vacant Seat Appointment; Schedules January 18th As Decision Date

Washoe County Commissioners today determined the process to be used to solicit nominations for the Washoe County District 3 State Senate vacancy created by the resignation of veteran State Senator Bill Raggio. They also set a date for interviews and ultimate appointment of the successful candidate.

The Commission noted that the only criteria Nevada Revised Statutes sets forth for a State Senator or Assembly vacancy appointment, the “… person appointed must be of the same political party as the former incumbent and who actually, as opposed to constructively, resides in the district…”. Therefore, the Commission determined the position be open to anyone who attests that they are in fact a member of the Republican party and reside within Washoe County State Senate District 3. The County’s legal counsel also noted that State Statutes require that to hold legislative office, the candidate/appointee must be at least 21 years of age, a resident of Nevada for at least one year, and eligible to vote.

Commissioners directed that any letters of interest with any supporting materials (optional at the discretion of the applicant) be received by Friday, January 14th by 5 p.m. in the Manager’s Office located at the Washoe County Administrative Complex, Bldg. A, corner of 9th and Wells.

Commissioners will interview each interested applicant who certifies they are of the same party and district as the current incumbent in an open meeting on Tuesday, January 18th starting at 9 a.m. in the Washoe County Chambers. The meeting will be televised both on The Washoe Channel TV-217 and webstreamed live on www.washoecounty.us It is the Commission’s intent to follow an interview process similar to that followed when they filled a Justice of the Peace vacancy, which had each candidate answering the same set of questions posed by the Commissioners. Commissioners did request that all candidates be sequestered until it is their turn to be interviewed in the public meeting to ensure fairness among applicants. In establishing this process, Commissioners stressed their desire for a fair and transparent process to fill this very important vacancy.

Commissioner Bonnie Weber recused herself from the discussion of the process because her husband is considering applying for the vacancy.njgh_senate3