Is 2011 Your Year? It Can Be!! ~By John Hamilton Free EBook!

Incline Village, NV…The start of a new year has many of us thinking about the state of our lives. For many of us our lives have been rolling along with nary a dip. For those we congratulate you! For many others including me the past few years have brought many challenges. The whole world seems less certain and more at flux than anytime many of us can remember.

Unemployment is near record levels, retirement funds for many have taken a hit, real estate isn’t the bulwark of strength it once was. Whole industries are changing before our very eyes. Some of us are starting the New Year closer to starting over from the beginning than we would have ever dreamed in our youth. In this flux is immense opportunity if we can charge forward and seize it.

Technology has made opportunities almost limitless. Think about Time’s Person of The Year. Mark Zuckerberg the Facebook founder. In 6 short years he has created on of the most visible and the highest trafficked businesses on the planet. What could you create in a few years?

In thinking about what we could pass along that might be of value we thought a classic Ebook might do the trick. Now that Kindles, Ebook Readers, iPads, Smartphones and more are now our constant companions what content might really help us make 2011 our best yet. Maybe this is the year to dust of some of those old dreams and goals and make 2011 the year they come to fruition.

The classic Napoleon Hill book “Think and Grow Rich” was written in the midst of the Great Depression and is the grand father of virtually all of the self-help books and trends that have come after it. Much of this book was actually written in the White House during downtime when Napoleon Hill was one of the Franklin D. Roosevelt’s advisers during the 1930’s .

The version we are passing along is the public domain original version. Many revisions have been made to newer versions to make the examples more relevant and current. Some o f the success stories in the version may have you reaching for a history book at times but there is something to be said about reading a classic.

So in 2011 please join me is a quest to make 2011 the best year of our lives! Even if many of us are starting with more challenges than we have ever faced. With faith, belief and the will to swing for the fences yet again. 2011 will be the year many of us knock one out of the park!

Happy New Year
By John Hamilton

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