Ice Fishing in the Sierras? Trip to Fargo Not Needed! ~By John Hamilton

Caples Lake, CA…One of the great things about living on the West Coast is the multitude of climates.  We have our share of problems but underneath it is the fundamental greatness of the area that is hard to ignore.  We literally have it all.  By that I mean we have almost everything mother nature can provide.  Some of the best snow skiing on the planet? Done! Great weather for winter Golf? Done! Some of the best wine regions? Done! Surfing? Done!

Even if you wake up with a hankering for some Ice Fishing the area can provide it.  While on Hwy 88 passing Caples Lake we noticed groups of ice fishermen complete with lawn chairs and augers to make the required holes in the ice.  They were relaxing and having a great time on a beautiful winter day.

Some of the local sportshops will even provide guides for the ice fishing rookies.  There were signs to watch for shifting ice and it requires some knowledge and commons sense to know when the conditions are safe.   But once again as the pictures prove you don’t need to move to Minnesota or join the cast of Fargo you can get your fill of Ice Fishing right here at home.

Afterwords all you will have to do is drive a few miles to gain 20-30 degrees for that round of winter Golf.