Every Child Healthy network Launches to Help Kids Get Fit, Grow Confidence

CARSON CITY, Nev…The Every Child Healthy network, the nation’s newest, most unique holistic program to help children win the battle against obesity, launches today with comprehensive web-based and summer camp programs dedicated to helping youth become champions for life.

The Every Child Healthy network’s global portal, www.everychildhealthy.com, is the interactive centerpiece of a comprehensive, professionally-designed program to help families learn new, whole-person processes resulting in greater happiness, self-esteem, success and overall quality of life.

“It’s not just about losing the weight!” declares the founder of the Every Child Healthy network, lifelong transformational expert Carl V. Logrecco, known to his clients for years as Coach Carl.

Coach Carl says the Every Child Healthy movement intends to debunk some tired old myths about diet and exercise and focus new techniques on helping youth overcome obesity and its related ills by addressing emotional, psychological, spiritual and environmental challenges, in addition to physical issues.

“Millions more youth in our country continue to become obese every year, so what has been tried so far is not working,” says Coach Carl. “We risk losing another generation to obesity and all of the negatives associated with this ongoing epidemic unless new, more effective, thoughtful and creative methods are initiated now. We believe the Every Child Healthy network, with its dozens of interactive components, finally has the answer.”

In development for more than two years, the Every Child Healthy network and its team of licensed physicians, counselors, nutritional and exercise experts will offer families free advice and downloads at www.everychildhealthy.com, with options for fee-based downloads, consultations, services and products that will guide them through processes proven to help kids lose weight, gain self confidence and adopt healthy nutritional habits for life.


The Every Child Healthy Champions for Life™ summer camp in Lake Tahoe will offer a wide array of holistic residential programs – staffed by senior, licensed physicians and professionals – that will guarantee participants will grow in spirit, self-confidence, self-awareness, personal strength and emotional consciousness in addition to losing weight and learning new habits for healthy eating.