Burglars Arrested in Georgetown

On January 16, 2011 at 8:00 A.M., The Sheriff’s Office received a call regarding a burglary at Corner Kitchen Restaurant in Georgetown. A deputy arrived in the area and contacted staff of the Corner Kitchen Restaurant. According to the victim an unknown suspect(s) entered the closed restaurant possibly through the heating and cooling system and stole $40-$50 dollars in coins from the office. The deputy processes the scene for evidence and concluded her report.As the Deputy was leaving the Corner Kitchen, she was contacted by the business owner of the Frog and Pond Antiques store. The owner stated his store had also been burglarized during the night. The deputy began her investigation and believes the suspect(s) possibly made entry through an old access door. The owner reported the suspect(s) had located the cash box key inside the store and stole approximately $1100 dollars. In addition to the stolen money, flashlights, airsoft BB’s, cigarette lighters and knives were also missing.Based on evidence collected at each location it appeared that possibly the same suspect(s) were responsible for the burglaries.

Victim(s): Corner Kitchen Restaurant, Main Street Georgetown Frog and Pond Antiques, Main Street, Georgetown Rucka-Chucky Pasty Hut Shop, Main Street, Georgetown Suspect(s): Juvenile males, both 16 years of age, from the Georgetown area.