Stephen Pecor Named Chief Probation Officer Of The Year

Placer County, CA….The Placer County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday commended Placer County Chief Probation Officer Stephen G. Pecor for being named Chief Probation Officer of the Year by the Probation Officers of California (CPOC).

The organization represents 59 chief probation officers throughout the state. Pecor was honored by his peers on Dec., 2, 2010. He has been the County’s top probation officer since July, 2006.

Steve Pecor
Placer County Chief Probation Officer
Stephen G. Pecor
Each year, the organization honors an individual who demonstrates excellence and outstanding leadership, in their individual department and significantly contributes to the organization and the field of corrections. Pecor was nominated and selected by his peers as California’s Chief Probation Officer of the year.

“Pecor has a great history of teamwork,” said Placer County Supervisor Jim Holmes. “No other county in the state has this level of teamwork.”

Pecor began his career in Placer County in August, 1982 as an Extra Help Group Counselor. He became a permanent Placer County employee on August 6, 1983 as a Group Counselor 1.

Within Placer County, Pecor serves on several committees including Criminal Justice Policy Committee, SMART Policy Committee (oversees Juvenile services), and PLEA. (Placer Law Enforcement Agencies). He is proud of the outstanding partnership among our Placer County Criminal Justice partners and often shares our success stories with the members of the CPOC organization.

The mission of CPOC is to provide leadership in the mobilization, coordination, and implementation of Probation programs and provide for public protection including detention and treatment, victim services and the prevention of crime and delinquency; and to insure the provision of quality investigations and supervision of offenders for the Courts.

Pecor also has been directly involved in several legislative items related to the field of corrections. His ability to thoroughly analyze the impacts of the legislative items presented and his ability to “ask tough questions” has greatly contributed to his success.

Pecor participates in several CPOC committees’ including the By-Law Committee, the Juvenile Services Committee, the CPOC Executive Committee, the Department of Juvenile Justice Parole Realignment Committee and he is the Regional Chair for CPOC’s Sacramento Region. His dedication and contributions to the CPOC organization, the Placer County Criminal Justice System, and the citizens of Placer County is commendable.