Going Big in The New Year

Incline Village, NV….The entire Truckee/Tahoe area is filled to overflowing with wintersports enthusiasts. From Christmas all the way through this weekend the cash registers have been ringing a happy tune. According to industry folks we have spoken with the holidays can amount to as much as 50% of the entire years sales and can easily decide whether it’s a “good” year or a “wait till next year” year.

From all indications this year is shaping up to be a legendary year. Early opening days, lots of snow, good timing of Christmas and New Years Holidays and the tendency of tourists to spend their money closer to home during lean economic times all point to a banner year for the resort industry.

Mother Nature can be fickle but early indications are that this may be one of those years that enters the history books. A decade from now they may still be saying…Do you remember 2010-11? It was Epic!

The pictures below are from Diamond Peak This Week