With snowy weather comes winter driving, snow plows, and more. Get helpful hints on how to stay safe and happy during inclimate weather!

Washoe County, NV…..All available Washoe County’s roads crews and equipment are out working on removing ice and snow and are asking for the public’s help to help them keep roads in the unincorporated areas open. Here’s some basic tips you can follow to help county snow plow operators: • Keep your vehicles and garbage cans off the streets so that the snowplow can plow your entire street. • If you shovel your driveway, don’t dump the snow on the sidewalk or roadway. • Be visible to snow plow operators by maintaining a safe distance behind them. • Understand that your road will be plowed in accordance to the regional snow plan which prioritizes which roads get cleared first. The plan is located on the county’s website at http://wcgisweb.washoecounty.us/SnowPlow

With about one-fourth less staff than two years, the county’s Roads Division wants to remind folks that it may take a little longer to totally clear roads, but they are committed to doing the best job possible in keeping all unincorporated roads open and safe as possible. In the event of a significant winter storm event, snow plow operators typically make one pass in and out to plow or sand a road, and then return when possible to widen the pass. Roads are plowed according to the priority given them in the regional snow plan.

The Washoe County Roads crew has also been preparing for the past couple weeks in the event of flooding as a result of the warm storm coming through the area. Ditches and drainways have been cleared in the unincorporated area, and sand and sandbags have been stockpiled in the event flooding reaches the valley floor. Possible flooding is only predicted in the higher elevations at this time, however.

Washoe County thanks the public in advance for their cooperation in helping our snow plow operators meet the challenges these storms will present, and advise motorists to stay off the roads as much as possible during poor visibility and extreme weather.

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